A downloadable game for Windows

You wake up in the room. All seems familiar but something is wrong... Find all the keys and choose your own way

Update details:

  • 2 new locations
  • 2 endings (good and bad)
  • new items
  • lights and environment were  changed, new look of the game
  • added Russian language support (as well as some other options)
Published Mar 13, 2017
AuthorBlackmoon Studio Games
Tags3D, Horror, Short, story

Install instructions

Just unzip the files and run executable.

You may need the newest version of DirectX or VC++ Redistributable


NoEscape.zip 351 MB


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Pretty neat. Also, thanks for introducing me to The Harrow, their stuff is great.

Gave it a go...

Finished the game i like it very much


Finished this game and actually had a ton of fun with it! Hope my video makes you laugh as well!

Started to get into the game but couldn't progress because i think there was on to many objects to collect that weren't there?


take a look at my vid above. Youre just missing it.

ahhhhhhhhhh thanks for help man